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2018 Digital MKTG...It’s easier to get to more people, but not all of them will be interested.

We live in a moment in history when technology can help us in bringing more and better audiences to like our products. It’s easier to get to more people, but it's important to realize that not all of them will be interested in your company.

The marketing process now indicates that the selling/buying system is based on a flywheel. The old, funnel-like system seemed to only care about customers before they bought. After the buying process, they weren’t a priority to help with the company’s culture, customer service or marketing strategy. The flywheel system is based on the ability of our clients to give us feedback at all times: before, during and after buying.

Nowadays, there’s almost as much content being created every day as there are competitors fighting to be on top of buyers' minds. A typical mistake I see that can make brands lose potential customers is creating too much content. Just like the billboards from decades ago, people get bored when there’s too much of the same.

The good news is that digital marketing is super fluid and that means you still have the chance to renew your strategy. I'd recommend releasing content 2-3 times per week. Remember that producing a few high-quality pieces of content is better than oversaturating your audience.

Tell stories, leverage reviews, measure ROI with links/promo codes, involve influencers, are some strategies to implement in order to keep on track with nowadays market needs.

Every day, companies are creating new ways to make people feel like they want their products -- or even better, like they actually need them. Consumers want to make their own choices and buy what they buy for personal reasons. According to research from ODM Group, over 70% of consumers consult social media before making a purchase. So, people don’t always choose by themselves when buying something. They often want to know what others think first.

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