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Blockchain and Digital Marketing: The Future of Innovation

Digital marketing is a huge field. In the U.S alone, companies are on pace to spend about $120 billion in digital marketing by 2021, making it one of the biggest playing fields for businesses looking to promote their brands. Still, it remains an industry fraught with issues. From extreme bot-controlled automation to the increasing difficulty for publishers to guarantee data privacy and transparency, digital marketing continues to cause problems for all players involved, more so for businesses that pay huge sums of cash to get their brands in front of potential customers.

These and other issues are further compounded by the numerous challenges facing businesses trying to get mileage on search engines without spending significantly on ads.

In one study conducted by a Canadian-based digital marketing company, 1stOnTheList.com, researchers found that only about 6 percent of new website pages will rank in the top 10 search results on Google within a year, making it difficult for new businesses to find customers on the internet – at least without the services of ad-tech middlemen who often sacrifice quality and relevance for clicks. There’s hope, however.  Blockchain, the encrypted, decentralized database of distributed and interlinked nodes, is particularly suited for integration with digital marketing. Blockchain promises to solve many of the issues that come with digital marketing, including data privacy, security and content monetization.  

Here are a few ways blockchain technologies are helping fan the next wave of innovation for the digital marketing world.

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