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BLOCKCHAIN use case are found IN just about EVERY INDUSTRY

Blockchain has the potential to create a single source of truth among organizations that typically exchange massive amounts of data (e.g., logistics information, invoices, etc.). It can integrate previously siloed organizations or enable simpler integration. For instance, it can be used in supply chains to track materials from suppliers in a seamless fashion. And blockchains have the potential to keep records of financial transactions that automatically enforce contracts among parties.

Contrary to perception blockchain, technology is not all about cryptocurrency. The underlying digital distributed decentralized ledger technology continues to find applications in a diverse range of industries all in the effort of changing how things are done’ and improving people’s lives.

Corporations, organizations, enterprises as well as individuals are increasingly implementing blockchain technology as they seek to take advantage of its capabilities. It is only now that people appear to have taken note of the technology, even though it has been around for more than a decade, as it continues to revolutionize various sectors.

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