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Digital Marketing Trends In An Era Of Constant Change

Digital marketing has changed the way in which marketers brand and market their organizations. More importantly, it is constantly changing. The techniques that used to work no longer do, so new techniques are always evolving. The good news is that it is not expensive to try out many of these methods. If they don't work, fail fast and move on.

Integrated, omnichannel digital campaigns are a necessity.

Digital marketing no longer means running a simple AdWords campaign. Successful digital campaigns must use consistent messaging across multiple channels and touchpoints. Other than the obvious branding benefits, this approach allows you to integrate your message and value proposition to the same audience through multiple channels to accelerate pipeline velocity and help your sales team close deals.

Multi-touch, full-funnel strategies parallel the buyer journey.

If the first message you see from a business is “free demo!” they’re doing it wrong. Digital campaigns must parallel the buyer's journey. First-touch messaging and assets must be high level and educational. The next message or asset the user sees should be determined by the actions taken (or not taken) at the previous touchpoint until the user is convinced to demo a product or speak with a salesperson.

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