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DTCC Shows Private Blockchain Can Handle US Equity Trade Volumes

A new DTCC study has shown that distributed ledger technology, aka blockchain, can scale to meet the volumes of the U.S. equity market — more than 100 million trades a day. The study, which was conducted by Accenture with support from technology firms Digital Asset and R3, showed a distributed ledger could process 6,300 trades per second continuously for five hours to meet the 115,000,000 daily trades at peak rates in the markets. It chose Accenture after an RFP showed the company had the best knowledge and toolset for the study.

“Currently, public blockchains supporting crypto-currencies operate at single or double digit per second performance, which until now was the only indication of the potential volume that a private DLT might be able to support,” the DTCC said in its announcement.

Unlike the crypto currency blockchains which are open to the public, the DTCC distributed ledger is only open to users who have permission — a private, permissioned distributed ledger.

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