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The Gamification Of The Blockchain

It’s clear that the blockchain has become a technology buzzword, so much so that it’s common to hear just about anything associated with the blockchain. In some cases, the technology itself isn’t even important; simply adding the term “blockchain” to a company name has become a strategy in itself. However, the gaming and collecting industries actually make a lot of sense when it comes to integrating the blockchain.

In essence, collecting has been a part of gaming for decades. In physical card games, Magic: The Gathering has turned collectible cards into assets of a game. Pokémon Go is the wildly popular augmented reality craze that focuses on rarity and collection -- and it’s still going strong as players continue to seek rare characters. Pokémon Go does not, however, use blockchain, so while Ditto may be hard to find, it is not truly rare in the sense that only a certain amount of people can own it. The collection of things, be they paintings or baseball cards or Pokémon characters, is about the providence of the item and the scarcity. But achieving those things for digital items remains a hurdle to clear.

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